S. No Name of Investigator Duration Status Title Sponsored by Amt. Sanctioned Amt. Spent
1. Dr. R.C. Sharma 2004-06 Completed Hindi Ke Janjati Mulak Upanyaso mein Varg Chetana UGC 35,000/- 35,000/-
2. Dr. Ashutosh Angiras 2004-06 Completed Sanskrit Vangmaye Mein Vak-Tatva Mimansaa UGC 30,000/- 30,000/-
3. Prof. A.K. Sharma 2004-06 Completed Investment Behaviour of Individuals UGC 39,000/- 39,000/-
4. Prof. Rajeev Chander Sharma 2004-06 Completed Vegiyanik Upkaran Udyog mein Sharemikon Ke Manobal Ka Vishleshnatamak Adhyan UGC 25,000/- 25,000/-
5. Dr. Paramjeet Kaur 2008-10 Completed Punjab Ke Sangeet Sammelan UGC
6. Dr. Divya Jain 2010-11 Completed Ecology, Status and Decline of Indian Peafowl ( Pavo cristatus) due to modern agricultural practices in Haryana UGC 1.00 Lakh 97, 500/-
7. Dr. Chiman Lal 2011-12 Completed Socio-Political Foundations of Lok-Pal and Role of Media in Peoples’ Movements Respectively   UGC 2.00 Lakh 2.00
8. Dr. Sushil Kumar 2011-12 Completed “Spectrophotometric determination of Various Elements in trace amounts.” UGC 2.00 Lakh
9. Dr. Jai Pal 2011-12 Completed Synthesis, Characterization and catalytic potentials of immobilized metal bound polymers UGC 2.00 Lakh 1,85,000/-
10. Dr. Rajinder Singh 2012-13 Ongoing Estimation of Natural Radio activity around Limestone Mining areas in Lesser Himalayan Regions in Himachal Pradesh UGC 97,500/-
11. Dr. Sonika Sethi 2011-12 Completed Postmodern Strains in the Fiction of Rohinton Mistry UGC 1.20 Lakh 1,00,000/-
12. Dr. R. L. Dhiman 2012-13 Completed Synthesis and characterization of SnO2 based Nano-particles for Gas Sensor Applications UGC 1.80 Lakh 1,80,000/-
13. Dr. Prem Singh 2012-13 Completed Physio-Chemical and Energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence characterization of Water samples from different areas of Haryana (India) UGC 1.80 Lakh 1,80,000/-
14. Dr. Joginder Rohilla 2015-16 Approved Chemometric Studies of Water Quality Parameters of Drinking Water of Rural Areas of Ambala(Haryana) UGC 2.40 Lakh
15. Dr. Jai Pal 2015-16 Approved Physiochemical studies of soil of rural areas of Ambala(Haryana) UGC 2.00 Lakh
16. Dr. Gulshan Singh 2015-16 Approved Synthesis of 6-aryl-N’-(2-(thiophen-2-yl)ethyl)/4-substitutedbenzylimidazo[2,1-b]thiazole-3-carboxamides and their biological exploration UGC 1.65 Lakh
17. Dr. Harvinder Kaur 2015-16 Approved Socio-Economic Conditions of Migratory Labour in Haryana: A Case Study of District Kurukshetra. UGC 1.85 Lakh
18. Dr. Mr. Satinder Verma 2015-16 Approved Gandhian Philosophy and the Democratic, Cultural and Racial Concerns in the Poetry of Langston Hughes UGC 1.40 Lakh
19. Ms. Shreshtha Muraal 2015-16 Approved Assessment of Nutritional Care and Food Service Quality in Public and Private Hospitals of North India. UGC 3.00 Lakh
20. Dr. Madhu Sharma 2015-16 Approved Bhartiya Chitrapat Sangeet par Pashchatya Sangeet Vadyon Tatha Takniki Gyan Ke Prabhaav Ka Samikshatmak Adhyayan. UGC 2.25 Lakh
21. Dr. R. L. Dhiman 2015-16 Approved Synthesis, Characterization and Photocatalytic application of doped metal oxide nanostructures UGC 2.45 Lakh
22. Dr. Krishan Kumar 2015-16 Approved Finite Temperature Exchange Correlation Effects in Coupled Quantum Well Structures UGC 4.00 Lakh
23. Dr. Ramesh Kumar 2015-16 Approved A theoretical Study to some Physical Potentials in Higher Dimensions UGC 3.00 Lakh
24. Dr. Satbir Singh 2015-16 Approved Service Quality Assessment of various Colleges of Ambala: A SERVQUAL Model Analysis UGC 1.20 Lakh