Department Contact Details

Contact Number: 0171-2630283

Extension: 247 (Computer Science ), 250 (Computer Store Room)




Dr. Girdhar Gopal

Ph.D., M.Phil., M.Sc., UGC-NET/JRF, GATE, HTET

Ms. Amandeep Kaur (Management Post)

M.C.A., M.Phil.

Ms. Meenakshi Sharma

M.C.A, M.Phil.

Dr. Ruchi Sharma

Ph.D., M.Phil., MCA

Dr. Poonam Rani


Ms. Kamna Billus


Dr. Minakshi Gupta

Ph.D., MCA

Ms. Shaina Arora


Ms. Shikha


Ms. Shivani Soni


Mr. Somesh


Ms. Arti Sachdeva


Ms. Manu Gupta

M.Tech., NET, HTET

Ms. Swati Bhardwaj


Ms. Divya Singla



Course(s) /Subjects offered: UG level:

  • Computer Science in B.Sc. I, II, III (As restructured Subject)
  • BCA I , II ,III Three-year full-time course
  • Computer Application Vocational in B.Sc. I ,II, III(as vocational subject)
  • Computer Application Vocational in B.Com. I ,II, III(as vocational subject)
  • Computer Application in B.Com. I ,II, III(as optional paper)
  • Computer Application (Add-on-course)
  • Web Designing Course (Add-on-course)

Course(s) /Subjects offered: PG level:

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application (P.G.D.C.A.)


  1. Latest teaching methodologies including Audio Visual equipment presentation software, slides are used to improve the learning process which enhances the skill of students.
  2. Eight well equipped ultra modern computer labs with latest facilities.
  3. CD bank containing CDs on latest topics related to subject matter and other information.
  4. Departmental library containing Data Books/ Study Material required for lab work in addition to other books.
  5. The department conducts evening computer classes as Computer Awareness Drive.
  6. The department conducts Computer Training Programme for Faculty members and other staff members during vacations.
  7. The department conducts Computer Training Programme for industry/organizations.


Session 2018-19
Name of the Teacher In charge – Ms. Kamna Billus

1. Workshops

Sr. No. Date Resource Person(if any) Topic
1 25-Aug-2018 Ms. Gurpreet Kaur, Enliven Skill India Pvt. Ltd. ,Chandigarh WordPress (CMS)
2 29-Sep-2018 Ms. Gurpreet Kaur, Enliven Skill India Pvt. Ltd. ,Chandigarh WordPress (CMS)

2. Guest Lectures

Sr. No. Date Resource Person(if any) Topic
1 31-Aug-2018 Dr. Pardeep Kumar Associate Professor, DCSA, Kurukshetra Interrupt Processing & System Calls (Operating System)
2 04-Sep-201
Dr. Ashish Jolly Assistant Professor, Govt. College, Barwala Software Crisis and Software Project Management ( Software Engg.)
3 24-Sep-2018 Mr. Chotu Sharma, CS Soft Soltuion Pvt. Ltd. Mohali Latest Trends in IT Industry

3. Industrial Visit
Industrial Visit of Computer Students to CS Soft Solutions pvt. Ltd. , Mohali on 24-Sep-2018

4. Course
Php Certificate Course running in Department for Computer students and Teachers from October 2018 to January 2019.

  • “A Computer Awareness Camp” at Govt. School GSSS (Govt. School), Dukheri was organized on 19-Aug-2017. Computer Training was given to all the students of the school by the members of the association.
  • Association organized “HELP DESK” from  31-Aug-2017 to 30-Sep-2017 for the students to allow them to submit their problems secretly.
  • A Group Discussion Competition was organized from 13-Aug-2017 to 17-Sep-2017.
  • “Inventive Boards/Teachers” Day Celebration/ Badge Ceremony” was organised by the association in which one Notice Board was allotted to each class and teacher. Winners of the contest are:1st =BCA, 2nd= B.Sc.(CAV), 3rd= M.Com(IT).
  • Quiz Competition was organised between the students of B Voc and BCA from 25-Oct-2017 to 30-Oct-2017. Students of BCA won the contest.
  • One day trip to Shimla and Kufri was organized on 22-Jan-2018.
  • AAGHAAZ 2K18 was hosted by the association on 06-Mar-2018 to 14-Mar-2018.

Session 2017-18
Name of the Teacher In charge – Ms. Shilpa Chaudhary

Sr. No. Activity Name Venue Date Organised by Teacher Incharge Winners Comments
1 Awareness Camp.
For Govt. School
GSSS(Govt. School),
19-Aug-2017 Association Ms. Shilpa chaudhary,
Ms. Kamna Billus
  1. PowerPoint Presentation by President and
Vice-President to class 11th and 12th.
2. Awareness About Computer to 6-10th Class by Association Members.
2 Weekly Test Conducted
for Final Students
Classrooms 12-Aug-2017=Reasonig Test
18-Aug-2017= Aptitude Test
02-Sep-2017= Interview based Test
09-Sep-2017= Picture Perception test
16-Sep-2017= Communication test
Association Ms. Hina, Ms. Kavita,
Ms. Nidhi
Winners are declared in
1. Ms. Hina, Ms. Kavita, Ms. Nidhi Prepare the
Question Bank for the students and distribute
Test papers to classes on Respective dates.
3 Help desk Computers
31-Aug-2017 Association Shilpa chaudhary   Help Desk is organised For students. So they  submit
their Problems secretly.
4 Group Discussion Compition Seminar Room 13-Aug-2017=GD for B.Voc(SD) Students
19-Aug-2017= GD for BCA Students
26/08/17= GD for B.Sc.(C.Sc.) Students
03-Sep-2017=GD for B.Voc(BPO) Students
10-Sep-2017=GD for B.Sc(CAV) Students
17-Sep-2017=GD among Best Speakers of above Classes.
Association Ms. Himanshu, Ms. Alpa,
Ms. Manisha
Winners are declared in
Conduct Group Discussion Among Classes find out Best Speakers then Finally Take GD Competition among best Speakers.
5 Inventive Boards/Teachers Day Celebration/
Badge Ceremony
09/05/2017 Association BCA=Ms. Kavita/
Ms. Manisha
B.Voc= Ms.Kamna/
Ms. Meenakshi Sharma
Ms. Himanshu
B.Com CAV=
Ms. Tejinder
M.Com IT=
Ms. Alpa Sharma
2nd= B.Sc.(CAV)
3rd= M.Com(IT)
1.One Notice Board alloted to each class and  teacher .Its the duty of class and
alloted teacher to maintain their board.
2. Badge cermony of Association done by Principal  Sir.
3. Teachers day celebration Done by Association members By Surprizing Ideas.
6 Road safety
Nukad natak
20/09/17 Association Shilpa chaudhary   Aware The Students
about Road Safty.
7 Help desk Computers
 30/09/17 Association Shilpa chaudhary   Help Desk is oraganised For students. So they  submit
their Problems secratly.
8 Quiz Competition Seminar Room 25/10/17= BCA-I & B.Voc-I
28/10/17=BCA-II & B.Voc-II
30/10/17=BCA-III & B.Voc-III
Association 1st Yr= Ms. Himanshu & Ms. Alpa
2nd Yr= Ms. Tejinder & Ms. Gagandeep
3rd Yr= Ms. Hina & Ms. Pooja Bawa
2nd= B.Voc-I
2nd= B.Voc-II
2nd= B.Voc-III
Quiz between The Classes was
Conducted on the
basis of their Subjects.

Session 2016-17
Name of the Teacher In charge – Ms. Surbhi Garg

Extension Lectures

S. No. Date Talk Title Resource Person & Affiliation
1 01.08.2016 Memory Management Techniques

Mr. Chetan Kumar Gupta,

Assistant Professor, PGGC ,CHD

2 26.08.2016 String Pattern Matching & Complexity of Algorithm

Mr. Chetan Kumar Gupta,

Assistant Professor, PGGC ,CHD

3 27.08.2016 Process Management in Operating System Dr. Munishwar Rai, MMICT, MMU, Mulana
4 19.09.2016 Internet Of Things Mr. Prashant Sharma, TCSiON, Sector -71, Mohali
5 22.09.2016 Risk Management

Dr. Rakesh Kumar , Professor,


6 24.09.2016 Process Control Block and Process Interrupt Dr. Munishwar Rai, Associate Professor, MMICT, MMU, Mulana
7 07.10.2016 Software Testing Dr. Ashish Jolly Govt. College, Barwala, Panchkula
8 27.10.2016 Normalization in DBMS Dr. Vikas Verma, HOD, CGC-Landran,Mohali
9 5.11.2016 Functions and Indexes in DBMS Dr. Vikas Verma, HOD, CGC-Landran,Mohali
10 5.11.2016 Software Project Planning Dr. Ashish Jolly Govt. College, Barwala, Panchkula
11 12.11.2016 Disk Scheduling Dr. Munishwar Rai, MMICT, MMU, Mulana
12 21.11.2016 Computers & Intelligence

Dr. M. Shyamla Devi

Associate Professsor, Punjab University, Chandigarh

14 24.01.2017 Introduction of Web Technologies Mr. Ashish , devZiners Inc , Ambala Cantt
15 15.02.2017 Cloud Computing Dr. Rajinder Nath, Chairperson, Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra
16 16.02.2017 Data Warehousing Dr. Vikas Verma, HOD, CGC-Landran,Mohali
17 17.02.2017 Process Synchronization and Concurrency Control Dr. Pardeep kumar, AssistantProfessor, Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra
Activities Performed in the Month of November, 2017

  1. Workshops organised:
  • Lecture by worthy Principal, Dr. Rajinder Singh on e-Content Generation for the faculties of Computer Science & Commerce held on 21st Nov, 2017.
  • Workshop on “How to Download E-content “for the faculty of Commerce on 23rd Nov, 2017 by Ms. Poonam Rani.
  • Workshop on “How to Download E-content “for the faculties of Physics & Maths on 24th Nov, 2017.
  • 2 Days Workshop on PHP by Ms. Nidhi Sharma from 23rd Nov, 2017 to 24th Nov, 2017 for the faculty of Computer Science & Applications.
  • 1 Day Workshop on Project Development in PHP by Xportsoft Technologies, Ambala Cantt for the faculty of Computer Sc. & App held on 27th Nov, 2017.
  1. Uploading about 4000 Spoken tutorials, Videos from Nptel, CEC, Coursera, PPT’s and E-Books on College Library Server for offline access by the students.
  1. Projects Developed

Language used : PHP Back End: MySql Project -01: Online Library Management Features: Books Mgt, Members Mgt(Teachers/Students), Issue & Return of Books, Reports Development Team:

  • Mrs Amandeep Kaur
  • Kavita Kumari
  • Hina
  • Kanika
  • Sakshi

Project-02: Association Management Features: Association Framing (Interviews & Results), Activities Management & Results of Activities, Reports Development Team:

  • Mrs Nidhi Sharma
  • Mrs Shilpa
  • Mrs Himanshu
  • Mrs Gagandeep
  • Himanshu
  • Mrs Ruchi Sharma

Project-03: Lab Maintenance Mgt System Features: Hardware & Software Problem Log, Technical Assistant Record, Lab Down Time Chart, Lab Infrastructure Mgt, Reports Development Team:

  • Alpa
  • Pooja Bajaj
  • Pooja Bawa
  • Shaina
  • Poonam Rani
  • Mrs Ritu Rani