The visionaries, who were instrumental in the establishment of the college, had a futuristic vision for the students. They wished to blend traditional as well as modernistic approaches for the upliftment and betterment of the society. Their approach was to inculcate Sanatan Dharma values while imparting Western education in order to strike a balance between the two. The founding fathers aimed at the eradication of ignorance, social evils and illiteracy plaguing the Indian society through the spread of progressive ideas of Science and technology as also value-based education through various fields of Humanities. Almost a century later, the institution still upholds the vision of its forefathers. No stone is left unturned in our efforts to make the students competent enough to face a professionally challenging world and grooming them for a better career. In our efforts to make students capable of facing the globally challenging scenario and at the same time maintaining a delicate balance between academic excellence and moral perfection, we at Sanatan Dharma College realize that our task of providing education becomes all the more demanding. Therefore, we are engaged in a never ending process of self- up gradation in the field of education by introducing innovative concepts. Every year many new job-oriented and skill-based Vocational courses are added to the already existing conventional courses. In the year 2010, the college was bestowed with the status ‘College with Potential for Excellence’. The NAAC Peer team that visited the college in 2011 awarded us ‘A-Grade’ with a CGPA of 3.48, that visited the college in 2017 awarded us ‘A+’ Grade with a CGPA of 3.51 and that visited the college in 2023 awarded us ‘A++’ Grade with a CGPA of 3.72. The college has bagged the prestigious DDU Kaushal Kendra grant to run Skill-oriented courses for making students industry-efficient.

This is just a glimpse of our accomplishments and our present status in the field of education. We advise you to visit our various links to know more about us and our endeavors.