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Best Practices

Best Practices

College Information Management System

The college has developed CIMS (College Information Management System), which is an ERP based software developed in consultation with the needs of the stakeholders. Through CIMS students can access their examination results, assignment scores, attendance details and other academic information directly on their computers or mobile phone. Faculty members have the facility to upload details of their activities and duties during the session and then retrieve the same in a desired format.

Development of Social Progress Index (SPI) of Students

World research by International agencies like UNDP suggests that most of the youth from developing countries lag behind in soft skills, especially inter-personal and communication skills. The reason behind this is that professional as well as HEIs lay maximum emphasis on only technical knowledge and academic input. The result is that pass-outs from even some of the institutes of eminence are not able to get employment and even if they do, they find it difficult to retain. The goal of this practice is to motivate and provide ample opportunities as well as a sound platform to students where they can develop and enhance their personality by participating in a variety of activities which in turn will not only boost their confidence but also prepare them for the daunting challenges presented to them by the society, thereby, improving the Social Progress Index of the nation.

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